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Movie review of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone managed to translate the virtual entirety of the novel while achieving almost to transcribe the novel to the letter. Christ Columbus, director of this movie and screenwriter Steve Kloves, had the mission to attract cinema-goers.Columbus had to face a very complex problem; he had set up a history, climate, presenting a world and characters while maintaining many of the details and keeping in mind that everything will be reused in upcoming episodes of the saga. Not to mention that he had to add to that a plot worthy of the name.

One of the qualities of the book was the precision and the art of Rowling to describe the world of Hogwarts, the legendary school of witchcraft. But with current technology and the capacity of Chris Columbus, viewing a scene that could take pages in the book was done here in seconds. Beyond the effectiveness of special effects, we felt that some scenes were missing. A certain "magic" that was felt in the book was not there in the film adaptation. Thus, the film was close to becoming artificial, charmless and without a grip. But what attracted the most were the magic scenes in the movie.

However, a remnant of the magic still occurred to help make this film, despite the ups and downs. Harry Potter the Sorcerer's Stone happened to remain attractive to the faithful readers and it strongly left an impression on the children or adolescents. One of the great strengths of the film was the choice of casting.

Tags: Christ Columbus, Steve Kloves, Hogwarts, special effects

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