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Olivia Ruiz in concert at the Bataclan on 3 and 10 of April 2006: From “the real TV” to “the real artist performer”

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  1. Introduction.
  2. General presentation.
    1. Olivia Ruiz: An artist above all.
    2. Bataclan history.
  3. The concert.
  4. Personal point of view.
  5. Conclusion.
  6. Bibliography.

In France, the Loft Story TV programme paves the way for the real television. Now, lots of viewers watch ?ordinary? people eating, sleeping, and arguing? Overnight these stage actors become famous just having talent to be on television. Andy Warhol was right when he said ?In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes?. Olivia Ruiz was one of the pioneers of the French real TV. She took part in the show Star Academy in 2001. However it seems Olivia is a different case. Indeed she is, more and more, seen as a ?real? artist performer. For her second national tour, her show in Paris takes place at the Bataclan on 3 and 10 April. During this tour, the young singer wins, totally, recognition of the audience. So, I will study, through the 10th April concert, how did Olivia free herself from the real TV marketing system to be an exception becoming a real artist.

[...] Now, without fixed direction, the Bataclan theatre has an eclectic programming: folklore, typical show with band, dancing and, more recently, rock concerts . The concert The Olivia Ruiz concert took place on 10 April at 8 pm o'clock. Going in the auditorium, it was packed. Let's note that Olivia has played to packed houses on 3 April, her first concert at the Bataclan. The BabX band, invited to do the first part of the concert, was already on stage. Their songs are very realistic and denounce, with irony, topical issues. [...]

[...] As in 2003, Olivia surrounded herself with famous artists to work this album. While the production is signed Alain Cluzeau (Bénabar and Thomas Fersen's producer) and Mathias Malzieu (Dyonisos). One more time, the Olivia's album has been nominated at Les Victoires de la Musique 2006 in another category: ?Album of Year?. With La femme chocolat, both personal and enchanted, Olivia offers us a tour all over France whom two concert in Paris at the Bataclan on 3 and 10 April. o Bataclan history The Bataclan is a place steeped in history. [...]

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