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The Cinema Representation of futuristic cities

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  1. Architecture
    1. Verticality
    2. Style
    3. Symbolism
  2. Space organisation
    1. Huge cities in three dimensions
    2. Transportation
    3. Centralised model versus city without centre
  3. Urban sociology
    1. Sociology of domination
    2. Living condition
    3. Social cohesion or segregation

Urbanization is a contemporary issue. Today, one person out of two lives in a city, and that figure will sharply increase in the next few decades. Many questions about what cities should be like have arisen due to the fast increase of the urbanization process since the 19th century. Urban planners from the Athens Charter have tried to imagine an ideal city and the best urban organization, in order to resolve urban issues. Global cities such as New-York, Tokyo and Paris have become more powerful than some states, and it seems obvious that the future will be urban. Consequently, a broad majority of science fiction movies are shot in cities. Movie makers try to imagine how cities would look like in the future, and try to present their vision of urban future through their movie. This is a reflection of the fears and feelings of their times. Indeed, movies seem to express dystopias of urbanism rather than utopias, which echo the current preoccupations of urban development. This paper will analyze the different aspects of futurist cities in science fiction movies in order to create a global idea about what cinemas predict about cities in the future.

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