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The Distribution of French Cinema to the United States

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  1. Birth of French cinema: 1890-1920
    1. A contested beginning
    2. The beginning of the conflict
    3. The beginning of American Industrialization of Cinema
    4. Max Linder: A star is born
  2. The Pre-national Era: 1920's-1930's
    1. The Need for new strategies
    2. The creation of a European cinema
    3. The Great catalyst: The Emergence of Sound
  3. The National Era: 1930's-1980's
    1. The control commission: Protectionism's Brainchild
    2. Selective funding and the creation of the Arts et Essais
    3. Mass culture versus French Culture
  4. The Post-national Era: 1980's-1995
    1. The need for a new plan
    2. The solution to the stagnancy of the National Era
    3. On Parle English
    4. A False Start
  5. Present to future: 1995 and onwards. What now?
    1. A sad state of affairs
    2. The Myriad of solutions

In regard to the past of French Cinema and the global Cinema Market, is it possible for French Cinema to distribute profitably to the American Market? French cinema sees itself as being the great innovator in style, treating movies like a cultural heritage. The United States has always considered cinema's role to be that of an economical commodity that should be harnessed and used primarily as a means to further revenues and open doors to further production and distribution. France wants to achieve a similar goal as the US, but not at the sacrifice of its national identity through cinema. This paper shall weigh the pros and cons of French cinema throughout its history, beginning with its invention in the late 1800s, while comparing it to the development of American cinema. This should give a clear insight as to how the two cinemas have developed into completely different products, namely why American cinema became the international commodity that it is, while French cinema remained very sheltered yet innovative, leading to a much smaller audience. The paper will then enumerate the problems, which have become the obstacles to France's desire to become a viable world player.

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