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The Lost Worlds: Born Out of the TV Show Lost

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  1. Introduction
  2. Find 815: An alternate reality game played on a smaller scale
  3. Allowing the fan to move beyond what is shown on ABC
  4. Conclusion
  5. Works cited

ABC's Lost, just as any other show, works to make you feel connected to its characters. From its beginning it has connected you with the characters and their experiences on the island, and has given you significant development of the characters through flashbacks and eventual flash forwards. At times you are with them on the island, at other times you see what their family and friends (as well as their enemies) are thinking. You also see people searching for the wreckage and get an insight to their lives. All of these elements of the show, as well as a vast sea of fan guides, novelizations, its own wiki called Lostpedia, fan-fiction, video and online games, video diaries, and other cross-market promotions, work towards the heart of the Lost brand.

[...] However, is it at all possible to solve the puzzle that ABC has given the fans; or are the fans being led in circles? It is possible that as the show continues to create more questions, while providing less, straight answers, the fans could eventually grow tired of the games. The future of Lost is in the hands of its fans more so than the average show from the look of things. If the puzzle is solved, will the allure of Lost still remain? Or will losing its most distinct feature cause Lost to become boring? [...]

[...] Although the book does not include the island or the characters of Lost directly, it is still a way to look for clues as to what is happening on the show. (Zeithchik). Lost has also looked toward printed works as a form of advertisement as well. ABC has used strategic product placement in advertising Lost in Marvel Comics. To make sure that they were not forgotten (and also in an attempt to attract newer droves of fans) before the debut of their fourth season, Lost was included in a number of ways in widely read comic books. [...]

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