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DVD: Downright Video Dominance

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  1. Introduction
  2. A new method of home viewing
  3. DVDs and VHS
  4. The special features
  5. Conclusion
  6. Works cited

In 1997, a product was released that would do what nothing (not Betamax, Laserdisc, nor various projector systems) seemed to be capable of: conquering the VCR/VHS system. This product was the DVD (Digital Video or Digital Versatile Disc). As soon as it hit stores in the United States, it was bought at unpredictable rates and with its superior visual and audio capabilities, it soon after replaced VHS as the leading medium for home movie viewing. The DVD was popular from its start, but certain changes in production and development made it even more profitable. The invention and distribution of the DVD created a large influx of money to the media business, largely due to the selling of various re-releases and special editions, especially the Criterion Collection, which gained popularity by offering many updated special features (which DVD buyers completely demand today) such as extra footage, ?making-of? specials, and audio commentaries.

[...] Some also introduce the deleted scenes special features, and explain why they felt it was important that it was, or was not in the film. Good examples of this are Alexander Payne's commentary on Election, and Peter Verehoeven's Robocop (Parker and Parker, p. 16). Directors are not the only ones who provide interesting and useful commentary. At times, other members of the crew, for example cinematographers and screenwriters, can lend their insights as well. It is rather common lately, for directors to do their commentaries with the star of the film, or at times many stars. [...]

[...] propose new digital video disc format) (Electronics)." Popular Science 246.n4 (April 1995): 46(1). InfoTrac OneFile. Thomson Gale. University of Arizona Library Apr Barlow, Aarion. The DVD Revolution:Movies, Culture, and Technology. Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers "DVD exclusive awards '06." Video Business 26.14 (April 2006): 31(3). [...]

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