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Robert Frank’s America: “Political Rally - Chicago”

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  1. Introduction
  2. The Swiss photographer Robert Frank
  3. The photography 'Political Rally: Chicago'
    1. The composition of the photograph
    2. The framing of the photograph
    3. The camera placement
    4. The aesthetic effects
  4. Conclusion
  5. Bibliography

The United States of America is often referred as ?the great melting pot?; a place where people of all ethnicities, backgrounds, and plights exist under a single title ?American?. The title is simple; those living in The United States are, by definition, American. And yet, there is lot more to the term ?American?. The word brings about a great deal of sentiment; ardor for some, pride for others, some consider themselves patriots, while some would say the simply live here. American culture is one of singular poignancy and countless connotations.

[...] Like many of Frank's photographs, this creates unique a sense of ?there- ness?. The lighting in ?Political Rally Chicago? is almost identical to that of all the photographs in The Americans. Robert Frank uses existing light (the sun) in the photograph. The use of natural light adds to the realism of the photograph. It is a bright, sunny day; which creates a natural high- contrast lighting scheme. There are deep blacks, bright whites, and shadows cast by the sun. The aesthetic effects created by Robert Frank are, seemingly, quite simplistic. [...]

[...] In ?Political Rally Chicago?, the viewer is thrust, quite literally, into the middle of a campaign. In America, leaders are not kings, nor are they royalty of any kind. They are purely and simply people. The politician is no higher up than the audience, nor is he portrayed to be above them. He is one of them; an American amidst Americans. Robert Frank's The Americans is a masterpiece. The photographs within The Americans come as close to nailing down what it means to be American as anything can. [...]

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