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Being there as a study of symbolic interaction

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  1. Introduction
  2. Scene -1 : 'Chance is made out to be a businessman at the dinner table in front of Ben and his wife'
  3. Scene 2: Chance and Ben meet the President
  4. The influence of humor in the movie
  5. Conclusion

After observing Chance the Gardiner become ?Chauncey Gardiner' in the movie Being There it is easy to see why this film is such an excellent representation of many of the concepts in Symbolic Interactionism. Although many sociological notions are represented in the movie quite well, altercasting, typifications, misalignment, aligning actions and stocks of knowledge will be dealt with in this essay as they pertain to Being There.

[...] Ben begins: think what our friend here is trying to say is This matches perfectly with Hewitt's description of aligning actions as being ?verbal attempts to align the substance of interaction?(Hewitt 2003). The final sets of concepts are strongly linked in regards to this particular film: typifications and stocks of knowledge. Every character in the film altercasts Chance in a different way and thus has a different typification or idea about his role. In fact, part of the humor of this movie relies on the fact that everyone reacts to and interprets Chance in a slightly different way, when in reality he is little more than a cardboard cutout holding up their expectations and assumptions. [...]

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