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A review of Schindler’s List

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The little girl in the red coat was in color because she was made to stand out from the rest of the crowd so that the viewer of the movie would be able to easily recognize her. Having one particular person stand out that was not a main character, gave the viewer a person to follow all the way through from the beginning. By focusing on one person, the events of the holocaust are given a more human face than a mass statistic. The fact that this character was a little girl drew more compassion from the viewer.

[...] Sabbath- a weekly religious day of rest 7. Krakow Ghetto Massacre- massacre of Jews which took place when the Krakow Ghetto was liquidated 8. Exhume- Bodies previously buried were dug up and burned when Germans realized they were losing the war 9. Zwittau Brinnlitz, Czechoslovakia- Schindler's home and location of his new factory in Sudentenland which provides an escape and place to work for the Jews whos freedom was bought by Schindler 10. Zyklon trade name of a cyanide-based insecticide used by Nazi Germany to kill people in the gas chambers Part three: Schindler definitely wasn't saving the Jews entirely for self- interest. [...]

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