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American Beauty: Film analysis

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  1. Introduction
  2. Importance to art in the movie
  3. Morally charged themes in the movie
  4. Moral of 'American Beauty' according to the writer
  5. Characters in the movie 'American beauty'
  6. Moral and ethical values portrayed in the movie
  7. Conclusion

I believe that we enjoy watching movies because for a brief moment in time we can escape from reality and be transported to different places and live vicariously through the characters depicted in the film. American Beauty is the story of the last year of Lester Burnham's life and the choices he was given. It was through these choices he made that the relationship between the choices and the consequences that led him on his quest for happiness and his ultimate despair

[...] There is a scene near the end of the film when Lester asked Angela if Janie was happy, and you could see a tear in his eye as he talked about his daughter. As for Ricky he changed his view point of his father. Throughout the movie is defends Col. Fitts to Jane and Lester and it isn't until the very end we see him walk away from the heavy handedness of his father. Jane changes through this film also with the help of Ricky, it is through his love that she gains acceptance and learns to believe in herself. [...]

[...] American Beauty had several ethical and moral values, many of which were controversial and often blurred. One of the major issues was the attraction Lester had with Angela, the teenage friend of Jane. It was through this attraction that the line of what was beautiful and what was conceived as beauty become muddy. The thought of statutory rape and lust of a teen girl is sickening, and the choices Lester made towards the end of the film resolved this issue by not acting upon it. [...]

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