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'Blair Witch Project' - A case study

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The film we are going to examine does not belong to the "classic movies". One can even say that it belongs to an undervalued class of film criticism. It is very difficult now for a horror movie to qualify to a certain value. There is certain contempt for criticism of these films, which are intended only for young audiences. This disinterest is that this genre has often emphasized on strong images than artistic quality.

However, we are not here to discuss the undervaluation of this genre. The film 'The Blair Witch Project' is interesting because it is one of the first to use the aesthetic quality of a documentary and play on the ambiguity of the false or true. It should be noted that the concept of the film is not entirely novel since movies like 'Cannibal Holocaust' and especially 'The Last Broadcast' (1998) have already implemented this form.

'Blair Witch Project' was a great success with the public, which is not the case with others ? ?The Last Broadcast' was made the subject of a video release in France - and it respected the concept adopted by the other two throughout the movie.

Released in 1999, the film has achieved great commercial success, and moreover, was striking. Like any success at the box office, it spawned a series of movies, which however has proved to be quite uninteresting. We'll conclude with three aspects: the low budget film, video aesthetics and hidden monsters.

Tags: Blair Witch Project, horror movies, low budget films

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