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Drunken deconstruction

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  1. Introduction
  2. The story of Drunken Master
  3. The most important or pivotal scenes
  4. The techniques used in the film
  5. The thunderleg fight
  6. The scene of the drunken boxing techniques
  7. The second fight between Freddy and Thunderleg
  8. The training scenes with Freddy and his master
  9. The mise-en-scene
  10. New form of socialist cinema
  11. Conclusion
  12. Works cited

Drunken Master (Woo-ping Yuen, 1978) stars legendary martial arts film actor and kung fu master Jackie Chan. Even though it is a comedy and contains nonstop action, and fight scenes, the film does contain some very serious political and historical undertones and has a wide influence culturally on China.

Jackie Chan began his acting career in 1962 as a child in Big and Little Wong Tin Bar. Since his 1962 debut he has been appearing and staring in films as leads and as extras. Drunken Master was around the 36th film he made his appearance in. (3) Since his death in July of 1973 many Hong Kong Kung Fu filmmakers were looking for the next Bruce Lee. With a decline in Kung Fu cinema in the late 1970's they finally found Jackie Chan.

[...] Even after his defeat and humiliation he refuses to give up and returns to complete his training of the drunken boxing techniques. Since we connect with Freddy through cinematic technique we too as the audience have a feeing of optimism, a feeling of optimism that he will succeed in his mission. As said before China was searching for what they called the next Bruce Lee. Many believed the new Bruce Lee was Jackie Chan. Drunken Master contains this idea of stressing the necessity for versatility in a fighter to defeat an opponent. [...]

[...] Drunken Master in no way steps away from this motif. The first time we see this is when the rich kid tries to take the old mans medallion without paying for it even though he certainly is able to. When he eventually breaks it instead of paying for it or giving it back Freddy then beats him up, while toying and humiliating him. We see this again with the same family when the rich kid's father hires Thunderleg to kill Freddy's father. [...]

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