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Science and religion in The Prestige

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  1. Introduction
  2. Defying death and shocking the audiences
  3. The death of Angier's wife
  4. A look into the main characters of the film
  5. The scientific part of magic
  6. Conclusion

Christopher Nolan's The Prestige is a complex film dealing with issues other than magic. The movie touches on life themes such as family, love, and relationships, but it also talks about religious themes such as truth and sacrifice. The movie starts off with the narrator, Cutter, giving an interpretation of what magic is. There are three steps to a magic show. First is the ?Pledge?, where a real life situation is set up. The next step is the ?Turn?, where the possibility and realism of the act is questioned. The third and final act is the ?Prestige?, the trick is completed and things are set back to normal. These three steps, while on the surface are related to magic; at their core portray religious themes. Christopher Nolan's The Prestige used elements of magic to explain the connection between science and religion.

The movie begins with a few magicians working together. Borden, Angier, and Cutter, with the help of Angier's wife, come up with the newest tricks of the age. Each member of the group has separate motives. Borden does magic in a natural way seeking different ways to impress audiences.

[...] many years of his life in anger and jealously. He finds a man who has one of the first made cloning machines. Tesla and Angier have a conversation about the affects of the machine. Tesla asks Angier, ?Have you considered the Angier completely blinded by the question responds by saying that cost is not a limitation for him. Tesla repeats his question again, stressing the importance of the word Angier carefully contemplates the question and answers by saying he would do almost anything to win. [...]

[...] Lewis describes in The Great Divorce the beauty of natural love, ?There's something special in natural affection which will lead it on to eternal love Borden and Fallon shared a natural love for each other and for magic; whereas Angier tried to use miraculous techniques. For Angier, reality was something he could control. After the death of his wife he was obsessed with being better at then Borden and finding a way to take control. C.S. Lewis says, ?Reality is harsh to the feet of shadows?.[7] Angier could not handle the reality he was in so he created his own where he was the master. [...]

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