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Analysis of mass communication product- Gangnam Style, dance song & Quote, by PSY from South Korea

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  1. Introduction
  2. Gangnam Style
  3. South Korean singer, Park Jae Sung
  4. The economic issues
  5. PSY
  6. Conclusion

Gangnam Style is a pop dance song written and performed by South Korean singer, Park Jae Sung, known by his stage name PSY. The song was released in 2012 and since the video has received the attention of more than eight million viewers that have generated a number of satires. The song Gangnam Style was recorded as the singles title for PSY's six studio album PSY 6 (Six Rules). The South Korean singer is best-known for a quick sense of humor and comical dance moves. The song was released in July, 2012 alongside its video and made its debut through the PSY's official YouTube channel upon the release. The song virtually took off on the Korean billboards and music online stores; however, it gained international attention after it went viral on YouTube channel by the third week of July, 2012. The video received mass appeal due to its signature dance commonly known as ?horse-riding dance? that combines elements of shuffle dance and movement of hands that resembles a horseback rider posture.

The lyrics of Gangnam Style song, according to sources close to the artist, were written as a satire to the materialistic obsession of the South Koreans for the Seoul's Gangnam district. It became a symbol of lavishness and socioeconomic status in the country. In an article, ?Gangnam Style, Dissected: The Subversive Message within the South Korean Music Video Sensation,? published by the Atlantic, the light meaning of the lyrics of the song were shed in the context of the modern Korean pop culture. This resulted into the music video receiving a number of reactions of praises as a prime example of the Asian WTF humor. This has been received well by the western blogosphere. The reactions to the music video brought about analysis and extensive coverage of its international popularity in the Korean media.

[...] This gets to as why the South Korean finance minister quoted the pop song in his speech, saying the sector of service is a weak point different from competing exporters who have expanded products where the services are closed. He says the country has witnessed gradual changes in most areas, but successful stories like singer PSY are exceptional. The nation is called to innovate and make the economy a global entrepreneurial nimble. In remarks, the South Korean cultural export industry is an apt metaphor. As pointed out by Atlantic,' a hilarious video gives a sharp critique of Gangnam lifestyle, base on personal financial facts of the South Koreans. [...]

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