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Entertainment industries and globalization: Focus on the music industry

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  1. Introduction.
  2. The music industry in the turmoil of the web.
    1. The situation of the music industry in the globalised economy.
    2. The impact of downloading on the CD market.
    3. A slow and hard adaptation to the technological revolution.
  3. The music industry and the model of globalisation: Compatibility?
    1. The model of globalisation and its implications on the music industry.
    2. Creativity and globalisation.
    3. Solutions to the survival of music in a globalised world.
  4. Conclusion.

For the past decades, globalization has represented the center of each and every interest from the populations, the firms, the states and the international organizations. It has invaded every aspect of our lives in a way or so, from the way we dress to the things we buy and the leisure we have. What we call globalization is the extraordinary acceleration of trade in the past decades, all over the world: trade of products, services, capitals, but also the circulation of people. In many ways, globalization has changed behaviors and ways of thinking. It started with firms, which entered first in the era of mass consumerism. And then populations followed, largely influenced by the way firms were encouraging them to do so. To be precise, I am talking about how firms drove consumers to buy more and more products and orientated their choices so that needs and desires were starting to look more and more alike. This process has largely spread to each and every aspect of the economy, making everything that could have a price an economical product, to which we could apply the rules of market. This is true for tobacco, perfume and sponges, as well as for music, and cultural ?products? in general.

[...] Our study was aimed at studying a specific market in the turmoil of globalization, and particularly the effect of globalization on the music industry. The main point I wanted to focus on was the compatibility of the model of a globalized company with the case of a specific industry which sells music. We started on one observation: music is at its top whereas the music industry is in crisis. Two separate aspects were developed in answer to this paradox. The first one was the impact of the revolution of technology, which people consider to be part of globalization, on the music industry. [...]

[...] The music industry and globalization, as they are today, are incompatible. However, instead of saying this is a fatality, let's consider solutions to improve the complementarities of both worlds Solutions to the survival of music in a globalized world We have identified several problems related to the music industry, leading to the conclusion that the model of globalization was not well adapted to the music business. Transforming music into an industry has revealed many failures of the system such as the incapacity to meet the demand, at least all the demands. [...]

[...] The explanation is simple for us: we have left the era of private copy to enter the era of private piracy.? We need to highlight that the link between downloading free music and the decrease of sales may appear as evident for some observers and actors of the market. If you have a CD sold 15 euros in average in a shop and you know you can have it for free on the internet, you normally choose to have it for free as a rational agent. [...]

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