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The essence of Nurturing Artistic talent in School

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  1. Introduction
  2. Nurturing Artistic talent in School
  3. Barry's use of contrast
  4. Conclusion

Every reputable author knows that the success of any literary work lays in convincing the reader to view issues from the author's viewpoint. Persuasion is the key to conviction. The article I chose for this context is Lynda Barry's ?The Sanctuary of School.' Barry brings to light the predicament of children from broken homes since she is a victim. Such children find solace in the school environment where they find love. For instance, Barry talks fondly of her teacher Mrs. LeSane and the janitor Mr. Gunderson ?I was to enjoy a clearly secure warm world? (Barry 179)?This statement depicts the fact that Barry found love in school unlike at home where nobody paid any attention to her.

She asserts that ?High levels of depression, anger and frustration made my brother and me invisible? (Barry178- 179)? The target of the author is to display the essence of school as a place to nurture talent for neglected children like her. Barry's aim is to persuade the society to understand what children from broken homes go through. Her plea is to the policy makers who advocate banning of creative arts in public schools. Barry's story is one success story that shows the essence of creative arts in schools. Barry appreciates teachers and caregivers in schools for the effort they put to ease the frustrations of neglected the children and to make the smiles.

Overall, Barry appreciates the fact that she learnt a valuable lesson from her experience. In my opinion she portrays the fact that one does not have to dwell on negativities in life, rather focus should be on how to turn challenges into strengths. Despite growing from a broken family and having faced all the challenges in her life, hers is now a success story that will inspire generations. Therefore, I can authoritatively state that ?The Sanctuary of School' is a timeless article that succeeds in depicting school as a place where nurturing of artistic talent especially for children from broken homes takes place.

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