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Facebook – Technical Report

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  1. Introduction
  2. Discussion
  3. Difference between Facebook and the other social networking services
  4. The need to use and understand the development of social networking
  5. Drawbacks of making too many friends in Facebook
  6. Conclusion and Recommendations

The report is about Facebook as one of the major social networking software.The purpose of the report is to describe the effects of the use of Facebook globally mainly concentrating on the communication aspect as demonstrated by Facebook that it is now used a major communication tool. The effects of Facebook both positive and negative have been analysed in discussed in details.
There has been a tremendous growth of Facebook users over the past five years. Many people now have access to Facebook, and they are using it as a communication tool and also to interact from different locations around the globe.Some of the uses of Facebook have been explained in this report in details.

The report also explains the different social networking websites. The report then compares their functionalities with those of Facebook. Also, the differences between the different social networking websites and Facebook are identified and stated against each of the social networking website. The report further explains the context in which the social networks operate and the kind of users who make use of them.

[...] In Mandesdiberg, M. (2012). The social national reader media. New York city New York city University Press. Bryfonski, D. (2012). The global effect of overall social media.Dickson, MI: Greenhaven Press. [...]

[...] Second, there is an increase of cyber stalking in our society today. An individual's private detail can be used by another person with wrong intentions.A number of cases are happening where criminals use the personal details of the Facebook user from the profile in order for them to locate the location of the individual and commit crime (Raphael, 2010). Third, the much dependence of using Facebook as a form of technological communication tool has adversely affected the skills of social communication especially among the youths.The manner in which people communicated traditionally has changed. [...]

[...] The negative effects of Facebook. Retrieved on May from negative-effects-of-facebook Appendix Facebook addiction and strategies to quit Facebook users face a huge challenge of minimising the amount of time spent in Facebook every day.In order to evaluate the Facebook addiction of one's self, the following is a list of questions which can be used to scale; Always. Often. Frequently. Occasionally. Rarely. After evaluating yourself against the above points, then you can give yourself a score according to where you lie. [...]

[...] The cost of advertising through Facebook is also rather lower than those of traditional means (Haven, 2009). Also, Advertising through Facebook can reach several people, both old andyoung all over the world Negative effects. First, Facebook addiction among many people.The use of Facebook has hindered the objectives of young people especially students who spend most of their significant daily time in Facebook. Also, many employees while in their workplace spend a lot of time in Facebook hence resulting into a reduced output in the roles they are undertaking (Coles, 2012). [...]

[...] The report explains why the development of the social networking needs to be used and understood in our modern world. With the emergence of a number of social networks, there is a need to know which particular site is used for what purpose and which particular site to use for another purpose. The problems associated with having too many friends in Facebook have also been explained. It has been noted that, the use of Facebook has brought harm and benefit to society. [...]

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