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New British second homeowners in the French countryside: The Cathar country’s case

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  1. Abstract.
  2. Introduction.
    1. Literature review.
    2. Motivations of to buy a second home in the French countryside.
    3. Impacts of second homes development.
    4. The Cathar country.
    5. Aims of the study.
  3. Method.
    1. Participants.
    2. Design.
    3. Procedure.
  4. Results.
    1. Motivations.
    2. Economic impact.
    3. Social impact: integration in the local community.
  5. Discussion.
    1. Summary of the results.
    2. Discussion.
    3. Conclusion and recommendations for future research.
  6. References.
  7. Appendices.

The study examined the motivations of the British buying a second home in France and more particularly in the ?Cathar Country?. The research then focused on their economic impacts on the region, and their integration in the local community. Antagonism of the British second homeowners and the locals has been described in the previous research. Considering the traditional character of the region studied, it was expected that the relationships between temporary and secondary residents would be conflicting. In-depth interviews were conducted with British second homeowners as well as with permanent British residents. The research was completed by empirical research. The motivations to choose the French countryside are linked to stereotypes but also with deeper aspirations. Contrary to the hypothesis that was formulated the second homeowners have integrate with the local community without conflict, but only to some extent. Goujard (2000) notices that the second home phenomenon originated in the eighteenth century with British aristocrats. The first resorts were the French Riviera (Nice) and the Atlantic Coast (Biarritz) and the French Alps (Chamonix Mont Blanc). During the 20th century, the phenomenon spread to the middle classes, and over new French regions from Périgord to Luberon. Tourism was becoming a mass phenomenon so the appeal to the French countryside was spreading (Goujard, 2000).

[...] As seen in the motivations section, the British are usually attracted and appreciative of the French lifestyle, and they show interest in the local culture. The local community is ?flattered? and thus more likely to accept them Differences in integration All the interviewees are willing to integrate in the local community contrary to those who form British ghettos in Dordogne and in Chamonix. If the desire to integrate leads all the interviewees it does not mean that there was no difference between them. [...]

[...] (2006) The attractiveness of second home areas in Sweden: a quantitative analysis. Current Issues in Tourism, Vol.9 335-350 WHITE, N.R. and WHITE, P.B. (2007) Home and away: tourists in a connected world. Annals of Tourism Research, Vol.34 88-104 YOUNG, C. et al. (2007) A taxonomy of hosts visiting friends and relatives. Annals of Tourism Research, Vol.34 497-516 Thesis GOUJARD, A. (2000), Résidences secondaires des étrangers et territoire français. Localisation et retombées économiques, la valorisation d'un capital symbolique. Thesis (PhD). Institut d'Urbanisme de Paris, Université Paris-Val-de-Marne Statistics & Government Studies ARNAUD, G. [...]

[...] Audois are ?welcoming? with the British second homeowners, but they do not consider them as a part of the local community Discussion Motivations to buy a second home in France The study brings few new findings for what relates to motivations for buying a holiday home in France. The interviewees were practical and down- to-earth when describing what pushed them towards France. As in the previous research of Goujard (2000), it found that there were material and economic reasons to choose France: climate, convenience for transportation, and lower prices than in Great Britain. [...]

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