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Advertising and Communication : Google, fraud prevention

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  1. Business model of Google
    1. An advertising-supported model
    2. How does it works ?
  2. Fraud in action
    1. True reasons to fraud
    2. Technical means to fraud AdSense
    3. PageRank fraud
  3. Means to prevent fraud
    1. Technical strategies
    2. Business model evolutions

Google inc. accomplished in a short amount of time something which nobody was able to forecast during the dot-com bubble era. They successfully maintained a huge and exponential growth. In the past few years, this little startup from Mountainview, CA, has become the standard in internet data collection and search domains. Strong from its success, Google is now extending activities on the Web both in practical projects, as well as in fundamental research to diversify and conquer new markets. However, such a success in world-wide usage brought has loads of actions against this new up-coming giant. Google set up a new widely used system and democratized the advertising-supported business model. However, many other virtual entities harbored the same ambitions. As we will subsequently review in greater detail later, Google's strategy is supported by the so called AdSense or AdWord advert system. Obviously, all attacks against this system are the center of Google's preoccupations. Thus, in order to protect their market and customers, they need to guarantee the reliability of their ad system.

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