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Are the media subject to a corporate bias?

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  1. The corporate direct influence on news content seems to be quite limited
    1. Corporate interests seem to have direct influence on the selection of news and the way in which they are reported
    2. Is that always true? Is the media so ''self-interested''?
    3. Advertising is also often seen as affecting news content
  2. The potential indirect influence of corporate interests on media outlets
    1. How journalists unconsciously perpetuate the dominant ideology of capitalism
    2. Why the media adopt a systematic ''pro-capitalist perspective''
    3. The theory of media cultural hegemony

Independent media are a sine qua non to a functioning and healthy democracy, in the sense that they basically are the principal vector of information for citizens to evaluate governments, public policies and socioeconomic situations. Admittedly, objectivity is a pipe dream: journalists are human beings and are, therefore, unconsciously subjective. However, even if the media cannot realistically be totally objective, they still can, and have to get as close as possible to neutrality and/or fairness regarding their value judgments. A recent global trend has led to an ownership concentration. Nowadays, most news media are owned by a few conglomerates and influent corporations. For many scholars, the consequence is the emergence of a corporate bias: the media's submission to its owners' capitalist interests is considered to have significant repercussions on news content.

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