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Asian American representation in American media: A study

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Purpose of Research.
  3. Research Questions.
  4. Methodology.
  5. Literature Review.
  6. Findings/Discussion.
  7. Recommendations for future research.
  8. Conclusion.

Asian American portrayals in American media have been historically stereotypical with damaging images and characters in the areas of advertising, film, and television. Various studies and groups have been conducted and formed to highlight and monitor the representations of Asian Americans in media and whether those representations are positive or negative to society. The Asian image has changed with each decade in our country but common stereotypes used by the American media seem to provide more harm to the people than benefits.
Minority groups in America frequently must deal with the issue of misrepresentation in the media but few must deal with both that and an almost absence in areas such as advertising and television roles.

[...] He found that the race most preferred in a Playboy reader survey was that of ?Oriental.? There has been some progress in the area of Asian stereotypes through Asian American directors such as Gina Kim and her film Never Forever. The 2008 article ?Never Forever Targets Stereotypes? by C.S. discusses the director's attempt to make a film that goes against the stereotype that Asian men can't be portrayed as sexual beings (C.S., 2008). The film features an Asian American man married to a Caucasian woman and also a Korean immigrant that the women starts a relationship with. [...]

[...] Research: The goal of this research paper is to historically explore the common stereotypes associated with Asian Americans in American media and to search for organizations that have been formed to monitor the portrayals of the minority group in our country. Through the research I hope to have enough information to hypothesize that Asian American stereotypes, while still common, have lessened in their degree over time within American media. Research Questions: Research Question What are the common stereotypes associated with Asian Americans in American media? [...]

[...] The Asian American Journalists Association is another important group making efforts to increase the positive representation of Asian Americans in the media and media institutions. They strive to help increase the number of Asian American journalists and to have fair and accurate coverage of the group. The group also hopes to increase the number of Asian American managers in the journalism industry. Asian CineVision is an organization that works to promote and preserve Asian media arts since its creation in New York's Chinatown in 1976. [...]

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