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Becoming Me: My journey through life

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Education.
    1. Elementary school years.
    2. My middle school years.
    3. High school.
    4. The end of my freshman year.
  3. Trip to Europe.
  4. College.
    1. My junior year.
    2. Senior year.
    3. The hip injury.
  5. The dynamic in my household.
  6. Old friends and new.
  7. Conclusion.

From birth my life was destined to be anything but usual. I was born into the broken lower-class home of a sixteen year old girl and her parents, who resented the girl for having pre-marital sex. I know this because of a letter this girl wrote to me and sent with me when I was adopted. Soon after escaping this home, and the home of a foster care family, I entered into my new family, the family that would raise and call me their own. I was adopted just before my first birthday by the loving Christian couple so desperately wanting to have kids, but was unable. When I was a baby my mom had just quit her bookkeeping job to stay at home and raise me, while my dad owned his own lawn service and worked at 84 Lumber. My family was small and happy. These were much more simple times, but were doomed from the start.

[...] In order to live the new life my parents were now determined to live my dad built an even bigger version of the one he had built in West Virginia, now in Winchester. While waiting for the new house to be built my family had to live in a duplex for six months, it was during these six months that everything changed. Living in the duplex meant living around the members of the middle and even lower middle class of society. [...]

[...] Losing all of my innocence this early in life is something that I will always regret, and has haunted me through everything. My peer group and social status had changed significantly, but at the time I loved every minute of it. At the end of my freshman year everything came crashing down. I finally realized that my mother had been right about my boyfriend all along and after I found him cheating on me, I ended the relationship. Two weeks after breaking things off, my ex still hadn't given up. [...]

[...] The person that soon came to couple with John in my life was one of my best friends, Betsy. Betsy and I had been friends for years, but just became close sophomore year when I realized that I was bisexual, and she thought the same about herself. We started dating in January of that year, and were heavily ridiculed for doing so. Winchester is a very suburban small town full of conservatives of all different statuses, races, and home lives. [...]

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