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Communication media: Spain 2018

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  1. Transformation of media
  2. Distribution channels and organization of the value chain
  3. Users as readers, spectators, and internet surfers
  4. Environmental conditions

Ordered by the Fundación Observatorio de Prospectiva Tecnológica Industrial (OPTI), Cathrin Pagel's 2003 foresight study intends to explore the future of traditional communication media in Spain [press, television, radio, the Internet] and draw their possible evolution until 2018. With the help of experts and professionals in the communication sector, the foresight research to help both the public and the private sectors to adopt appropriate strategies while tackling these challenges in the future. Consequently, it particularly focuses upon the various impacts of new technologies in this sector, which may force different media to adjust their business models and, at the same time, offer remarkable opportunities for a range of new specialized actors.

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