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Compare/Contrast Analysis Literary Works of D. Haraway and D. Chandler

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  1. Introduction
  2. Comparative analysis
  3. Contrast analysis
  4. Conclusion
  5. References

Writing is the most powerful tool that was given to humans. However, verbal communication is easier. Many people can articulate and verbally relate information they seek to pass on to their peers. Writing is a way of making sure that the message stays with the masses for a longer period of time. There are different ways to write; a piece of writing is created to send a message. Two seemingly different pieces of writing can sometimes hold unique comparisons. In this paper, we will seek to examine correlations and differences between two pieces of writing by two completely different individuals on two unrelated topics, to show that written messages can be very powerful, unique and similar at the same time.

[...] Haraway and Chandler alike argue that in the world so filled with technological advancements it is very hard to separate the human component from the technological. Harvey and Chandler also make the same parallel between the correlation of technological progress and cultural development, interlocking the two processes. The link between culture and technology is approached at different angles and for different purposes but is nevertheless present and defines how technological progress shapes the contemporary culture. Unbeknownst, no doubt to each other, both of these authors mention cyborgs as something that is related to technological progress. [...]

[...] Lastly, Haraway and Chandler alike clearly express the affinity for the Marxist theories although their approach to the subject is essentially as different as night and day. Contrast Analysis As was mentioned in the introductions, these two works are essentially very different, despite the similarities in parallels drawn. Haraway expresses extreme feminist ideas in her work, which could easily be called a modern feminist manifesto. Chandler's work is not gender-based at all. He fails to make inferences in regards to correlation of classification systems related to technology or culture and the domination of man. [...]

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