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Drug related offences

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  1. Introduction.
  2. The addiction and the drug related offences.
    1. The use of many types of drugs.
    2. The term dependence.
    3. Psychological dependence.
    4. Debates about the drugs/crime relationship.
  3. Drug related offences : A worldwide plague.
    1. The state of the world: Data.
    2. The specificity of the united kingdom.
  4. Efforts to reduce drug related crimes.
    1. A worldwide fight.
    2. United kingdom's efforts.
  5. Focus on the web of a particular threat: Heroin.
  6. Conclusion.

In modern societies it is easy to recognise that consuming drugs is an every day reality; not only taking heroin or marijuana, but also smoking, taking painkillers, having a coffee, a tea or abusing of alcohol for Saturday as a required ?Saturday night? obligation. The illegal drug market remains a major income of the international but also national organised crime. Obviously, so could be said about the market of so-called legal drugs which involve the main pharmaceutical firms, or the powerful producers of tobacco, alcohol. My study will tend mainly to focus on the impact of the illegal drugs. Transporting, producing, dealing, consuming any kind of illegal substances is only a part of the offences drugs can induce. Entering the web of drug can lead to a lot of different sorts of violent, sometimes desperate behaviours like assaulting or prostituting to fund the demanding habit. Drug related offences can never be considered as a single local event, without connecting it with its environmental reality. Of course the reality of the individuals involved is more than relevant to the study of this plague, but it is important to understand the links of this special addict with the surrounding society. Behind the dealer of the neighbourhood or the provider of ecstasy in the next door college, lies the worldwide structure making it possible.

[...] II- Drug related offences : a worldwide plague A -The state of the world: datas Like many forms of organised crime, the drugs market can be likened to a legitimate business. Hazel Croall like many recognises that is a multi- million pound, global industry dominated by highly organised criminal syndicates?[12]. The Drugs business may not be characterized by monopolistic control, but it has to be admitted that it does involve criminal cartels and conspiracies, which in turn may involve ?legitimate? actors.[13] However these so-called syndicates are relatively few, and the industry largely consists of smaller enterprises where each one is affected with a specific function in the web.[14] As a plague world widely implemented, this global business has been studied by the United Nations. [...]

[...] Moreover, confirming the previous report, it affirms that the drug related crime in the UK is rising, and in some part of the country has doubled.[22]The report presents a range of data concerning the state of the country in the drug issue: A hardcore of offenders in ten- commit an average of 240 offences a year to fund their drug habit. In fact, they are supposed to raise half a billion pounds through crime as a mean of funding as another report by the Audit Commission revealed it.[23] 76% of those arrested admitted to taking at least one illegal drug in the previous year. [...]

[...] The frightening effect of drug related crime among population is considerable and often sensationalised in the media. Of course, the political Parties cannot avoid the debate on this issue and it is then a major part of their programmes. However the picture given may be exaggerated as it can be seen through several elements. Many addicts were involved in criminal activity before becoming dependent, so the drug use may not be the cause of the crime. Poverty, unemployment and social exclusion are often neglected underlying factors rather than the drug itself. [...]

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