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Harry S. Truman: The man from Missouri

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Character.
    1. A keen sense of duty and hard work.
    2. A man of integrity.
    3. Truman's only ambition.
  3. Truman's modesty and humility.
  4. His under-whelming qualifications for the presidency.
  5. The only close male friend Harry Truman ever had.
  6. Surrounding himself with the people he needed to complement his own mental faculties.
  7. One betraying quirk of H.S. Truman - a quick temper.
  8. Conclusion.

In the fifty-three years since his presidency, the nation has truly had time to reflect, and Harry S. Truman has now been elevated to the pantheon of ?great' Presidents of the United States. Hailing from humble roots in the heartland of Missouri, Truman guided the nation through some of the most pressing predicaments at the halfway mark of the twentieth century. He was handicapped from the start, taking over from the most popular president ever, one whom had been elected to an unprecedented four terms, and he also took office in 1945, in the midst of the most destructive war the world had ever seen. Between then and 1952, though, he ended World War II, completed the dream of FDR ?the United Nations, and was responsible for what is possibly the greatest foreign policy achievement in U.S. History ? the Marshall Plan. Truman also granted recognition to Israel for the first time ever, helped craft the NATO alliance, and successfully stood his ground against the Soviet Union in the Berlin Airlift.

[...] Throughout his life, Truman had been a man of integrity; his morals were pure, and with the exception of the usual campaign-trail sniping, never even questioned. Engaged to Bess Wallace, and serving in France in World War there were plenty of opportunities for a young man of lesser convictions to cave to his physical impulses. But not Harry Truman, who was ?'one of the cleanest fellows morally' that [First Lieutenant Edgar Hinde] ?ever saw, or knew never saw him do anything out of the way that would be questionable in the way of a moral situation you know when a man's in the Army, his morals get a pretty good test?(113). [...]

[...] Some of the choicer phrases compared Hume to an ?eight ulcer man on four ulcer and threatened that when Truman met Hume, he would ?need a new nose, a lot of beefsteak for black eyes, and perhaps a supporter below!?(829) Truman was forced to stand by his letter, now that it had been exposed. To his wife, he explained, had the right to be two people, the President and himself. It was Harry S. Truman who wrote the letter? (829). [...]

[...] ?Everyone else who's been dragged from his country has someplace to go back to,' [Truman] said, the Jews have no place to go'? (597). Truman also was keenly aware of his under-whelming qualifications for the presidency. He was ?acutely aware of his limited formal education [Truman never attended college], and determined to compensate for (218). His only experience in elected government was a few years as a Jackson County, Missouri judge, a term and a half as Senator, and three months as vice president. [...]

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