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Hiding in the stacks: How U.S media transmit U.S Government lies

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Dominant US media and exposing the lies of the government.
    1. Editorial piece by Michael Parenti on a new perspective regarding an armed movement in Portugal.
    2. Reporting after the majority of the conflict has passed.
  3. Manipulation of the media.
    1. Cooperation between United States government and the major US news media.
    2. Journalists working for mainstream corporate news outlets and the practice of 'Hotel journalism'.
  4. Independent or 'underground' American news outlets.
  5. The crooked relationship between Big US Media and the US Government.
  6. Conclusion - American news bureaus.
    1. Distraction due to greed and other capitalistic ills.
    2. Capitalistic interference and passive, lazy reporting and making the mainstream press widely viewed.

The American Government has a wide array of resources available with which they can disseminate information regarding their activities, both at home and abroad. These resources include but are not limited to press secretaries, communications chiefs, and leaked documents that are released to the American news media. In the pages that follow I intend to prove that while independent American news media work mainly at exposing US government lies, the mainstream American news media work to effectively transmit those lies to the news viewing American public.It should be noted, first of all, that the dominant US news media do sometimes expose government lies. This should not be surprising, however, as exposing lies, scandals, and half-truths is a huge part of the news media's responsibility to the American news viewing public.

Keywords: Media manipulation, cover-ups, government scandals, government censorship, journalism ethics

[...] In addition, they lack the associations with the US Government that give so much of the major American news media their pro-Government tinge. These differences in interest allow the American independent press not to propagate Government lies, but to expose them. Another reason that American independent press are in a better position to uncover US Government untruths is because they tend to be farther from power. Journalists and editors from many prominent newspapers are routinely invited to extravagant parties and dinners. [...]

[...] The crooked relationship between Big US Media and the US Government does not exempt the independent media in America from Government censure, however. Instead of journalists being influenced not to expose lies because they consider themselves ?friends? with those very lying bureaucrats, news people working for independent presses have been subject to much more menacing forms of censure. Underground newspaper offices have been pilfered and destroyed and equipment and files have been stolen. Reporters that dared to write what the US Government didn't want the public to know have been badgered by the FBI. [...]

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