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Hunter’s in the Snow

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  1. The short literary fiction Hunter's in the Snow, written by Tobias Wolff, is an interesting story depicting the life of three men who embark on a hunting journey that none shall forget
  2. The overall structure and plot of the story plays a part in how Wolff viewed his own life within the characters. It opens with a simple yet intriguing statement: ?Tub had been waiting for an hour in the falling snow?
  3. The story continues with the plot moving forward rather quickly and more evidence is found that may tie into Wolff's preferences for how the story should be written
  4. Near the end of the story some crazy things start happening that relate to Wolff's ability as a storyteller.
  5. The characters are unique individuals and have quite different outlooks on life but at the same time enjoy similar pursuits and are strangely alike.
  6. The author of Hunter's in the Snow, Tobias Wolff, had an interesting background that made an obvious impact on each of the stories that he wrote in his lifetime.
  7. Every character that Tobias Wolff creates seems to have a quality, or several that are also main qualities of Wolff himself.

The short literary fiction Hunter's in the Snow, written by Tobias Wolff, is an interesting story depicting the life of three men who embark on a hunting journey that none shall forget. The story brings to mind a time not to long ago that seems simpler yet more complex then our urbanized state of living. Hunter's in the Snow is not simply a story written for the pure sake of entertainment purposes, but instead it is a literary form of fiction. It's written to show the reader something new and to teach us through fictional characters and scenes about the intricacies of life. More then that, the story delves into issues of morals and ethics, rights and wrongs- issues that are very real to us and provide dilemmas for the characters in the story. Hunter's in the Snow is not only a fictional slice of life, but it is also a story written from and about the life of its author Tobias Wolff- including details from his past for us to examine.

[...] Another impact that influenced his writing was his ability to lie. This may seem irrelevant but when reading Hunter's in the Snow you are encountered with an endless supply of lies: Frank and Kenny lying about when they were going to pick Tub up at the beginning, Frank deceiving his wife about his lust for the young girl, Tub lying about his supposed gland problem, Tub and Frank lying to Kenny about taking him to the hospital, the farmer lying about turning the porch light on. [...]

[...] But before Kenny could pull the trigger, Tub shoots off his rifle, hitting Kenny right in the stomach, knocking him over backwards. Frank just stood there stunned while Kenny started apologizing immediately, saying he was never going to shoot Tub. Meanwhile, Tub just keeps saying he shot him out of defense. That it wasn't his fault. Which could be a lie, but it isn't said in the story. Wolff is known for his lies and he even states that saying: was a liar when I was a kid. [...]

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