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Individual identity and global information. The global village (Mac Luhan)

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  1. Media and information flows provided by ICTs entail a new way to construct a global identity
    1. With the globalization, the generalization of communication networks and the spread of information, people seem to face a huge digital environment which offers them a space for competing ideas and images and for constructing their identity
    2. Marshall Mc Luhan's 'global village'
  2. End of 'given identity', fears and withdrawals: individuals have to cope with confusion
    1. Thanks to the global information and the media flows, 'identity as a task? take the place of 'identity as a gift'
    2. The complexity to build identity for individuals among that new digital interconnected environment has generated some fears
    3. Nostalgia for the local
  3. Individuals construct their identity in constant interaction with global media but always locally

This paper will discuss how individual identity is constructed in an environment of global information and media flows, and will examine how valid Marshall Mac Luhan's global village concept is, in this environment. The pattern of our everyday lives has made us aware of the numerous changes linked with the development of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and globalization. Scholars have increasingly begun to talk about an Information society and about the fact that people are now entering a new age and mode of information. Almost all of them agree to point out that quantitative changes in information are bringing into existence a new qualitative social system. In such a context globalization seems to refer to a space where the global and the local entities may interact using ICT as a tool. While bringing about an internationalization of affairs (meaning more links between autonomous states) this process also creates a growing interdependence and interpenetration of human relations and an integration of the world's social and economic life.

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