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Mass media and representation

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  1. Functions of the Film Music
    1. The creation of a more convincing atmosphere and time
    2. Ability to generate an emotional response from the audience
    3. Neutral background filler
    4. A sense of continuity
    5. Giving a sense of finality
    6. Comments on a scene or provides additional information
    7. The soundtrack
    8. The Silence
    9. Complexity

A discussion on Film music requires basic knowledge of the music industry, which only people involved in music may possess. However, it is a passionate subject to analyze and this is why this topic has been chosen. The film music constitutes a new musical medium, which easily provokes the fascination of people. Furthermore, it is a new area to be explored by the people closely related to the science, such as film-makers, composers and others involved in the process.
The most fascinating facet of film music is that it is a whole area of interest to many people who work in the production of the films; and only a portion of the viewers really pay attention to it. The reason is that music acts and affects us unconsciously, without us understanding it. For the purpose of this essay, an attempt is made to examine the functions of the film music, as written and analyzed by various authors. One of the most important elements concerning the production of a film is the realization of the music. Unfortunately, most people who go to watch a movie do not know the film score or details like the composer's name and his functions in the development of film music.

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