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Media Influence on Policy Making in Democraties

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  1. The opposite theories on the subject
    1. Functionalist theory
    2. Conflict theory
  2. Lawmakers constraint by public opinion when expressed in medias
    1. The role of the Medias
    2. The impact on lawmakers
  3. Mass media controlled by elite groups
    1. The nature of the elite groups
    2. The manipulation of the public opinion and lawmakers

In Western democracies, the first media is the television, even though the Internet is fast growing fast in importance. Three actors play a great role in the media sphere: the journalists, the lawmakers and the audience. The job of thee Journalist is to collect information and convey it objectively to the public. However, sometimes, their role goes much further than that and has a great influence on policy making. This statement leads us first to answer some terminological questions and identify the scope of the subject. Lawmakers are both politicians and judges considering the fact that they "create" the law when they interpret sources of law, even if they prefer the term "discover". They are the people who have the power to make the law. Mass media is all kind of media which reaches a large audience. An elite group is constituted by the most cultivated classes of a country which enjoy a privileged status. The expansion of the global media had the consequence of bringing politics to everyday life. The media maintains a relationship between politicians and public opinion, and this is so important that all politicians have a media communication agent. The mass media then can be seen as a democratic pressure on lawmakers, the problem being who exercises it.

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