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Media’s use of representation of genders and races leads to a distorted view of reality

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  1. Race
  2. The media student book definition of a stereotype
    1. Something that categorizes a group
    2. Emphasis on some easily grasped feature of the group
    3. Evaluating the group
    4. Insisting on depicting the differences between the group and the rest of society
  3. Gender
  4. Works cited

A filmmaker's ultimate role is to properly present images in sequence that tell a story and/or conveys a message or several of them therefore. With various imagery tools, movies present a message in a way that makes them seem natural and fitting for the context that it is presented in. Whether it's a horror movie, documentary or educational film, the media gives us ways of imagining particular groups, identities and situations. This is most often defined as a stereotype.

Keywords: videographers, Feminist, Yassin, Bronton & Stafford

[...] Many of the continuous images included a laughing black man, minstrels, and the female maid (slave) who was portrayed as overweight with big lips and ?ready to serve.' As noted in the film, is the controller of her own people in society who are dependent on women.? She is displayed this way because if she were to be shown as a sexual being, she would be a threat to the woman of the house. These images implicated that blacks were happy as slaves and that the plantation was their ?paradise.? Imagine what seeing these images during the Civil War time indicated to society - most likely that Blacks didn't mind working as a slave. [...]

[...] In essence, the imagery shown is propaganda, telling the general public, to believe in the messages that are shown on their screens that women are to be desired. While yes, women should be respected, desired and shown affection, they should also be respected and represented in ways that do not merely involve body parts or sexual connotations. The media needs to take responsibility for their actions and illustrate women as more than just an outline in front of a black screen but individuals who raise children, create change in society and [...]

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