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Profile of Mrs Sofia Augousta - A South African woman leader

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  1. Introduction.
  2. N. Georgiou Business Consultants.
    1. Overview of the company.
    2. Sofia Augousta and the company's image.
  3. Sofia's background.
    1. The early years.
    2. Her children and her disease.
    3. Sofia and the Greek community.
  4. Sofia Augousta: A 'female executive'.
    1. Her job.
    2. A 'female entrepreneur'.
    3. Her vision of management and performance.
    4. A public and private personality.
  5. Sofia Augousta and the women leadership.
  6. Conclusion.
  7. Bibliography.

other of two children, Mrs. Sofia Augousta (Sofia) is working in the top management of a family business in Bloemfontein (South Africa): DMN Family Trust, well known under the name N. Georgiou Business Consultants. Because people see her like a ?housewife?, she is glowing with energy to manage her department team, in charge of setting-up businesses.
Humorous, being always listening out people and charismatic, Sofia represents the leadership style of the 21st century. To improve the business performance of the family company in a competitive and complex market, Sofia exploits the best of energies, resources and talent of each collaborator. Her vision of the business world is definitively fascinating and similar to the most powerful and well known women leaders of South Africa. Before presenting an overview of the company, it is relevant to understand Sofia's background, her vision of entrepreneurship, management and leadership.

[...] Sofia Augousta and the women leadership Sofia, like numerous South African women has a set of attributes (innate skills) that matches the leadership of the 21st century. As Peters (2003: 269) says women leaders are more self-determined and more trust- sensitive than men. They ?appreciate and depend upon their intuition more than men Furthermore, women, unlike men, ?focus naturally on empowerment (rather than on hierarchical According to Peters (2003: 270), recognize women's but we ignore women's strengths?. What Peters analyzed is definitively true for Sofia. [...]

[...] Nevertheless, in Sofia's opinion, being a woman leader is extremely challenging, all the more in South Africa which has experienced a traditional men's world. In her company, they see her like a ?housewife? insist Sofia. This is all the more true when she started her business career. Things have changed but she repeats that she has to perform better than a man to succeed, even nowadays. She says that experience showed her not always to speak her mind, but according to Nike: ?Just do This advertising strategy is also her vision of change. [...]

[...] At present, Sofia manages the development of 3 businesses: - Beija Beija ( a jewelery shop in WaterFront, Bloemfontein) - Kristall ( a crystal shop, in Bloemfontein) - Coco C. ( a chocolate-based restaurant, WaterFront, Bloemfontein) These three companies are ?up-market?. Customers are in the highest social class of Bloemfontein. These businesses in WaterFront are going to open at the end of September 2007. This is considered as a sizeable achievement for someone who was not a ?project-development? veteran. It is for her a real success to set up these businesses and to develop them to their maximum potential. [...]

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