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Research methodology business tourism in France

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  1. Introduction.
  2. The problem statement.
  3. The preliminary literature review.
    1. Definition of the business tourism.
    2. Overview of the tourism industry.
    3. Synopsis of the market.
    4. The major international trends and challenges of the business tourism market.
    5. The brand image in the business tourism and its relationships with leisure tourism.
  4. The primary and secondary research objectives.
  5. Conclusion.
  6. Bibliography.

Welcome to the wonderful and interesting world of Business Tourism! This essay is the second step of a huge research to find solutions to questions in this market of the wider tourism industry. Meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions, outdoor events and individual business travels justify wondering scores of questions. This composition would be presented in three parts: first of all, it is obvious to bear in mind the problem my research is required to solve and its praiseworthy scope. Then, it will present a concise preliminary literature review. Last, we are going to set up the research objectives of this study. The business tourism sector operates in an increasingly competitive and challenging market. Many countries invest expansively in their business tourism infrastructure and market themselves in an aggressive way. Thus, the business tourism sector has transformed on a global scale, and more specifically in Europe, since the last years.

[...] Similarly, the Business Tourism Partnership realised three pertinent studies called: Business Tourism: Briefing (2007) detailed overview of the entire sector involved in the UK business tourism), Business Tourism: leads the way (2004) (an overview of Britain business tourism with the accent on key issues and success factors in a competitive sector) and Better Business Tourism in Britain (2004) (Examples of current practices to perform allowed a more profitable sector in Britain). Theses synthesis can be a used help to extend our questions process research. [...]

[...] In this global context, it is interesting to study how France can grow its market shares, in business tourism. The positioning of the French supply is currently bad- known compared to new destinations, which develop their business tourism offers. How can France become even more successful? After analysing the problem about the French business tourism, it is coherent to pursue with a preliminary literature review. The preliminary literature review In this section, we are going to examine the ?literature and relevant secondary data that act as a basis for the proposed study? (Cooper & Schindler 2006: 97). [...]

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