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See the light – New K-6 homework software program will keep parents informed

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  1. Introduction
  2. Background
  3. Description of technology
  4. Arguments for adoption
  5. Conclusion
  6. References

The changing face of today's classroom has been linked to the direct correlation to a child's achievement. Since the late 1980's, nearly $5 billion more was spent annual on classroom technology (Foltos). This rise in funding positively displays the effect these new methods of teaching have on education as a whole. According to Larry Cuban in 2002, fewer than 20% of teachers used technology in the classroom and nearly half of all teachers didn't use it at all. Although, when the materials were used, they were not necessarily utilized to improve teaching or learning (Foltos).

[...] This graph highlights the increased use of the Internet based on the age of the user. The largest increases have been children aged 6-12 or those in in which, Get On Track will be directed to. This graph positively highlights the impact the Internet is continuously having on children these ages. Their increased use will lead to the success of the implementation of this software program in their educational settings and homes. One of the largest fears by education is the decreased impact of the teacher's role in a student's achievement. [...]

[...] often the limited staff development available focused on the computer, not technology's role in learning and teaching (Foltos).? The type of training involved in execution of this new program will lead to its overall success. Teachers need to be aware of the implied successes with the use of this program. With a positive attitude towards its use, its success can be gauged for their students. By preparing children to actively use technology in positive ways, they are allowed to become more informed and technologically informed 21st century individuals. [...]

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