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The clout of the British aristocracy

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  1. Introduction.
  2. How the Aristocracy managed to maintain its privileges.
    1. A leading class in the economic development of Britain.
    2. An active political body.
    3. A remaining social class thanks to cultural specificities.
  3. How the aristocrats see themselves.
    1. Rivalry with the Nouveaux riches.
    2. A modern and open political ruling class.
    3. 'Social guides' for the rest of the population.
  4. How the Aristocrats are seen by the rest of the population.
    1. An admired social class.
    2. An criticized social class.
  5. Conclusion.
  6. Bibliography.

The British aristocracy is known worldwide, not only because of its prestigious past, but also for all its special ways of life. Many stereotypes can briefly define them: they have a great economic power, they are important actors in the British political life, and they have very specific habits or hobbies which make them feel like a class apart. That's because of all those preconceived ideas that people are interested in them all around the world.We wanted to go over those preconceived ideas and clichés in order to find the real reasons that justify the clout of the present day British Aristocracy. This topic is very up to date since, today more than ever, the importance given to this top social class is very debatable. Although the British aristocracy has succeeded in remaining a ruling class in the British society, nothing can be sure about its position for the times to come. To fulfil this mission, we have tried to analyze how the Aristocracy managed to be a part of the Upper Class, and how it has managed to retain its privileges and influence till today. Then, we wanted to see on the one hand, how the Aristocrats see themselves in the present day society and on the other hand, how they are seen by the rest of the population.

[...] KEVIN: Studying the political clout of the Aristocracy was much more interesting that I could ever imagine. Indeed, I have learnt a lot from my researches and I felt more enthusiastic about working on this project even though I was quite reluctant at first. I met some difficulties in organizing information that was collected during my researches. That's why I would like to thank Priya and Maximilien for their help and indications. PRIYA: Being a perfectionist, I really wanted our project to be the best. [...]

[...] Part Three: How they are seen by the rest of the population There is no doubt that the British Aristocracy remains a key element of the British society. It is of course at the roots of numerous ?clichés' but it still true that there is a kind of admiration for this traditional upper class. A striking example is the importance of articles on members of the Aristocracy in the British media. And what is even more surprising is that there are not only such articles in the tabloids or papers like the Sun, the Daily Mirror, but also in more serious papers such as the Guardian. [...]

[...] Some of those people think that the British aristocracy still considers that sun never sets on the British empire?, and they have the feeling that sometimes the British aristocrats are snobbish and arrogant?. Some foreigners have succeeded in acceding to the British top social class, and some of them even became aristocrats, either by buying title, or by being appointed by the Queen. Concerning this, some foreigners say that those Nobles probably earned their new position due to hard work and accomplishment, but they are considered as nostalgic with no identity of their own. [...]

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