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  1. Introduction: Research object.
  2. Analysis.
    1. Gate keeping.
    2. Agenda setting.
    3. Framing.
  3. Objectivity being the goal of the newspaper.
  4. Conclusion.
  5. References.

The news outlet I have chosen to analyze is the internet version of ?The Daily Mail ?, a newspaper based in the United Kingdom, very famous especially in England. It includes the daily version of this newspaper as well as ?The Mail on Sunday?, its week-end's edition. Gate keeping can be defined as the ?process through which news items pass on their way from discovery to transmission?. Thus, newspapers' producers are the gatekeepers, which mean they enable the public to be aware of the events happening worldwide. When referring to Siebert's ?Four Theories of the press?, England can be defined as a mix between the liberal model ? like the United States ? and the Social responsibility model ? like in Europe. Thus, it means that Government has no control over the Press and that news can be published without any censorship, but it the same time journalists have an obligation of informativeness, truth, accuracy, objectivity and balance towards the public.

[...] This means that even if some mistakes have been made by America since the war has had terrible consequences for the local population most part of which had nothing to deal directly with Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda the view of the Daily Mail always shows the United States as defending democracy against In this case, the total objectivity of the articles can be discussed. Furthermore, the Daily Mail doesn't use a lot of experts' views when relating the events about this war, even if the views of some researchers from American universities are sometimes mentioned; but it obviously relates many quotations of President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair. [...]

[...] We will discuss this point again later, but in short the United Kingdom have always been a ?special? member of the European Union, as it has a well-established position in Europe while being in the same time very close to the United States. That is why gatekeepers in England have a particularly difficult task, as they have to conform to the European as well as the American requirements when editing news. Agenda setting Agenda setting refers to the ability of gatekeepers to influence the salience of topics on the public agenda. [...]

[...] Associated News Media is owned by Daily Mail and General Trust plc (DMGT), which is one of the largest and most successful media companies in the UK and has interests around the world in national and regional newspapers, television, radio, exhibitions and information publishing. Its Chairman is the Viscount Rothermere, its Chief Executive is Charles J F Sinclair. The website is The Daily Mail website is commercial, as it includes many advertising links; thus it's possible to get show-business videos, a new car, information about the Germany 2006 football World cup. [...]

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