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TMode: Trade show of fashion creators

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  1. Information.
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  3. Commentary on the exhibitors.
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The fashion industry includes, in term of activity, the manufacture of clothes, footwear and of sweaters, shoes, perfumes and jewels. An industrial company on 10 works in the field of the fashion. Sector was little concentrated, it groups together almost 2000 companies of more than 20 salaried who employ more than 180,000 people and realize a total sales turnover of 29 billion euros, is approximately 5% of the industry. This universe of the fashion recovers a set of branches of industry having in common «the finery" of the person. Know-how, quality and creativity of products are at the origin of the international good name of the French industry. It is a domain where mix prestigious names of the industry of the luxury (sewing, jeweller's shop, perfume shop) and industrial concerns products of which are situated on various segments of the market: of the standard product in the luxury ready-to-wear clothing.

[...] Commentary on the exhibitors The trade show Tmode is the unique trade show of fashion opened to the general public creators are present on this trade show to meet the general public, make discover their collection exclusively, exchange ideas on the fashion and naturally establish itself a pad of address. Among the exhibitors of the trade Tmode we find all the styles: classical author, neo-punk, minimalist or to glamour. And all the clothes and the accessories, of the hat in the belt by way of shoes, bags or still jewels, are represented with dignity. [...]

[...] Others part the creators have a role determining in the sector of the fashion, but it is also the difficult work which certainly makes dream, a world of glitter, where it is more and more difficult to give way, we even go so far as to say that the sector is "blocked". The trainings to become stylists develop more and more, but only some one are really recognized in the profession. The trade show Tmode is one of the rare trade shows opened to the general public, and not to the professionals [...]

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