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A research on women’s health in relevance to their rights and freedom

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  1. Introduction
  2. The Vietnam War in the 60's
  3. Implications of having unprotected sex
  4. FDA's decision
  5. Granting women the liberation
  6. Conclusion

In the span of our lives we have seen national crisis come and go: The Vietnam War in the 60's, the drug epidemic of the 70's, and the AIDS crisis in the 80's. Most of these conflicts were managed by government control with plans and policy making they slowly settled. Today, in light of recent FDA decisions, we could be in the face of another serious epidemic that would affect especially the young women of today. Teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and unprotected sex are all words that seem hard to swallow when talking about our own kids. However, these terrifying instances could eventually become a fierce reality spinning from the FDA's decision to make Plan B emergency contraceptives available over the counter.

[...] The age limit set by the FDA is also important to note because it deflects the argument that teens will have unlimited access to the pill and become more sexually promiscuous in their behavior. But perhaps the strongest reason that it was the right decision for the FDA to approve Plan B for over the counter sales lies within the nature of the drug itself. As you may all know, the morning after pill must be taken within 72 of unprotected sex to prevent the pregnancy from happening. [...]

[...] These insights unfortunately can't be proven by factual research yet because Plan B has only been available OTC for a few months however; these thoughts about human nature and indulgences seem to fit an overall trend in how some people act. Say for instance that there was a pill available that had the ability to counteract all types of harmful and unhealthy food decisions that caused people to gain weight. Referring back to the humanistic insights, people would more than likely go on to abuse this pill, eating unhealthy foods everyday with the assurance that the pill would simply erase there damaging actions. [...]

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