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Analyzing humor: The grand of them all

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  1. Introduction
  2. The expectations
  3. The sudden appearance of the text
  4. The abrupt moments of surprise
  5. Unexpectedness
  6. Generating many expectations
  7. Conclusion
  8. Bibliography

The Landlord, a Funny or Die exclusive video, is a comedy that makes people laugh until they tear up. The video shows two lethargic, aged men, Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, who are suddenly interrupted by the presence of their raging landlord because the rent is late1. Surprisingly, the landlord is a drunken baby, who yells and laughs at the pathetic older men. As Will Ferrell continuously defends himself, Pearl, the baby landlord, responds with ominous threats. She yells, ?You will be evicted!? 1 Satiated with making Ferrell cry, Pearl stumbles away drunkenly.

[...] and white text The sudden appearance of the text portrays Pearl as larger than life. For the second expectation, as Ferrell converses with Pearl, he initially maintains his composure. As Pearl demands for the rent money, Ferrell responds, ?Don't talk to me like that? and need to relax? Therefore, the statements reflecting control and self-confidence convince the viewers to believe that Ferrell will address the situation maturely. Consequently, since Ferrell displays proactive behavior in pacifying Pearl, one would expect Pearl, the baby, to show some type of willingness to cooperate. [...]

[...] Instead of leaving peacefully, she orders, mommy!? 1 Since Pearl's entire characterization would lead one to think that she had no elder authoritative figures in her life, the viewer finds it absurd when they realize not only does she have a mother in her life, but that Pearl is in control of her mother as well. Unexpectedness makes us laugh, but why? An expectation is a strong belief that something will happen; in other words, an expectation represents the standard for what a viewer believes will occur. [...]

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