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  1. Left-Wing views newspapers
    1. The Guardian
    2. The Independent
  2. Newspapers supporting the Conservative Party
    1. The Daily Telegraph
    2. The Times
    3. Metro
  3. Conclusion
  4. Bibliography

The Quality Press:

Most famous and important serious newspapers in Britain are:

1. The Daily Telegraph
2. The Guardian
3. The Independent
4. The Times

The different format:

Originally newspapers had a broadsheet format.
Such as Daily telegraph which is one of the only two remaining British broadsheet newspaper with the Financial Times.

Others changed their format for a more convenient reading in a café or a bus.

2003 and 2004, the Independent and the Times switched to a compact sized format: Same size than a tabloid in order to attract young readers.

The Guardian followed them by switching to a Berliner format in 2005: Few cm wider and 10 cm taller than a compact, same size than Le Monde.

[...] Of course, each newspaper has now got crosswords and sudoku games Metro Free daily newspaper published by Associated Newspapers since 1999 Available From Monday to Friday each week on most public transports such as the buses or metro throughout united kingdom Prints 1 million copies daily But 1,7 million readers because the newspapers are left on the seats of the bus or the metro and then are picked [...]

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