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Changes in the lives and roles of women 1300 to the present

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  1. Introduction
  2. The changes in the western world
  3. Aftermath of the French revolution
  4. The political and economic rights of women
  5. Fanatical members of the women's movement
  6. Opposers of the women's movement
  7. Ohio women's convention
  8. The situtation at the end of 19th century
  9. The battle for legal rights of women
  10. Emmeline Pankhurst's views
  11. The situation in Southeast Asia
    1. Islamic societies in Southeast Asia
  12. Conclusion
  13. References

The lives and roles of women have changed monumentally since the 1300s. Today, women in the West and Southeast Asia enjoy benefits, like legal rights and educational opportunities which were not available to the women before them. This paper will analyze the many changes in the lives and roles of women in the West and Southeast Asia dating from 1300 to the present. Prior to Industrialization in the 1300s to 1600s, few Western women worked outside the home. Family farms and cottages kept women busy without entering public life. Many women married as teenagers and did not travel far from their country homes. Society determined that a woman's place was in the home as a wife and mother taking care of the home and children. The onslaught of Industrialization's machinery, factories, and urbanization in the 1700s contributed to the questioning of a woman's place in Western society.

[...] Towards the mid 1800s women became active political participants in the Temperance and Abolitionist Movements and began to speak out more freely about the political and legal rights of women. The term ?feminism?2 was coined in France in the 1830s, and in 1848 the Seneca Falls, New York Women's Rights Convention gained political acclaim for its resolutions made to gain women's suffrage, divorce and property rights, equal employment, and educational opportunities Adelman, Jeremy, Stephen, Aron, Kotkin, Stephen, Suzanne Marchand, Prakash, Gyan, Tignor, Robert, and Tsin, Michael Ed. [...]

[...] Southeast Asian woman are still advocating for basic rights in many countries who value conservative roles of women. And women in more Western societies such as Tokyo, and Hong Kong must find a way to bridge the traditions of the past worth keeping while embracing the opportunities of modern feminism. Women in the West are considered privileged with the most legal rights and opportunities than any other women in the world. But there are still areas in the Western world that need equalizing, and Western women find themselves struggling with [...]

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