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Coffee in Italy and the United States

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  1. Introduction
  2. The history of coffee
  3. Coffee's appearance in Italy
  4. The appearance of coffee in the United States
  5. Contrasts in consumption locations
  6. Different coffee brewing methods
  7. Types of Italian coffee drinks
  8. American coffee drinks
  9. Italian coffee brands
  10. American coffee brands
  11. Prohibition and changes in the United States
  12. Conclusion
  13. Bibliography

Coffee has been grown, processed, roasted, and brewed for thousands of years. This age-old drink has become increasingly popular within the last decade due to the attractiveness of the modern coffeehouse (Shultz 1999:76-77), along with increased global marketing. Yet this popularity is perceived differently in various parts of the world. For example, two countries in which coffee is extremely popular are Italy and the United States (Coffee 2003). In both countries, the brew is enjoyed daily, and it is readily available at almost every restaurant or café. However, the impacts of coffee in Italy and in the United States differ because both countries have vastly diverse histories, cultures, and coffee consumption patterns. Furthermore, many differences are also displayed through the two countries' diverse introductions to coffee and their different locales of coffee purchasing and consumption. Another important difference is the countries' diverse brewing methods (Coffee Complex 2001:2). In addition, coffee is prepared as different types of drinks in Italy than it is in the United States, with different socials rules and taboos surrounding them, (Bug Services Limited 2000:1) and the countries utilize different brands of coffee (Kenny 2003:1). Finally, the two countries have separate substantial historical events, and different environments that the countries' coffeehouses, cafés, or coffee bars foster.

[...] It was developed in 1938 and eventually grew to represent thirty-four percent of all coffee drunk in the United States in 1978, its peak year. Today, it only accounts for less than ten percent (Dicum and Luttinger 1999:131). Types of Italian Coffee Drinks It is not enough to just know the different brewing methods of a country to understand its coffee. To truly know Italian coffee, it is necessary for the espresso to be understood first. Espresso is the basic Italian coffee and as previously stated, the base for all other mixed coffee drinks. [...]

[...] Coffee Research Institute Italian Coffee Consumption. 10/07/03. Dicum, Gregory and Nina Luttinger 1999 The Coffee Book Anatomy of an Industry from Crop to Last Drop. New York: New York Press. Epinions, Inc Short Survival Guide for Drinking Coffee in Italy. 10/09/03. Hickman, Martin. Scalding Victims Lose Fight to Sue McDonald's. The Independent 28 March 2002: 10. Illy Illy Espresso Illy la Cultura del Caffe. 10/20/03. Italy Launches Quality Scheme for Cafes Service Great Espresso. Responsive Database Services, Inc. Business and Industry [...]

[...] Different Coffee Brewing Methods Coffee in Italy and the United States also differs in the brands and types of coffee beans used and methods of brewing as well. The most common brewing method of coffee in Italy is the espresso method. Espresso brewing was initially developed for public cafés (Pendergrast 1999:211). It is a method in which hot water and steam are forced through freshly ground, packed coffee one cup at a time. The idea originated in the 1820's, but did not become widely used until the turn of the twentieth century. [...]

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