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Comparing the development ideologies of Cuba and Nicaragua

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  1. Cuba and Nicaragua Revolutions
  2. Cuba's resistance for foreign investment
  3. Wealth and resources in Cuba
  4. Cuba's sustainable development and policies to protect the environment
  5. Economic rivalry between Cuba and Nicaragua

The Cuba and Nicaragua Revolutions both took place in order to achieve widespread changes in the economic and social conditions of the countries. Both nations are poor and struggling to revive their economies after years of instability due to internal conflicts and external influences, mainly from the United States. Their development ideologies are similar in some ways and seem typical of countries trying to boost their economies in the face of a population starkly divided over support for the ruling government.

[...] While Cuba and Nicaragua are both poor countries with histories of revolution in need of economic revival, their development ideologies are different in many respects. As a communist nation, Cuba focuses on sustaining state control of institutions while providing its citizens with equal opportunities and resources. Capitalist Nicaragua employs more selfish schemes that provide less protection for its citizens. Both countries are encouraging foreign investment, but only Cuba is mindful of the consequences that could arise in its society. Both countries, along with the rest of the world, [...]

[...] Twenty-six percent of exports from Nicaragua are to the United States, yet the nation demands greater development if it is to overcome its poor economy (Bradshaw and Wallace 170). In communist Cuba, wealth and resources are distributed as evenly as possible. The money that the economy generates is put into national funds for essentials such as health care and education. For example, one goal is to provide every school with a computer lab (Saney 179). To facilitate equality, citizens have a large role in government decision-making. [...]

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