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Maurice A. Bercof - The Art of Negotiating

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  1. General presentation
    1. The author
    2. Framework of the book
  2. Content of the book
    1. Prologue
    2. Introduction from loser to winner: What is a successful negotiation?
  3. Section one: Previous thoughts
    1. Chapter one: What are we talking about?
    2. Chapter two: Do you know your interlocutors?
    3. Chapter three: Do you know what you really want, and what's important for the others?
    4. Chapter four: What will you do if you can't get what's important to you?
    5. Chapter five: How to present and argument the offer?
  4. Section two: The situation
    1. Chapter six: What type of relationship do you want?
    2. Chapter seven: When to take initiative/advantage?
    3. Chapter 8: How to treat aggression and avoid conflict?
    4. Chapter 9: How to use persuasion?
    5. Chapter 10: How to deal with multiple negotiations?
  5. Conclusion: Five recommendations for the winning negotiator
  6. Critics and recommendations
    1. My critical point of view
  7. Bibliography

Maurice A. Bercoff is a Bachelor of Law, PhD in Economics and a Statistics graduate; and fluent in four languages. He developed his systematic approach to negotiations in Harvard, Wharton Business School and the Kennedy School of Government.
He has more than thirty years of experience (in Europe and the USA) in labor conflicts, re-engineering schemes, acquisitions, and change management projects in culturally diverse companies; giving him sound knowledge of international, intercultural and social negotiation and relationships.

In 1993 he created Negotiators Associated. Through this company, he prepares teams for difficult negotiations for businesses, partnerships, industrial affairs, etc. Some of the companies he has worked with include: France Telecom, EDF-GDF, Schlumberger, Saint-Gobain, EADS-Airbus, Renault, etc?

He wrote L'Art de Négocier (The Art of Negotiating); which was published by Groupe Eyrolles: the first edition in May, 2004; and the second edition in 2007.

[...] Section two: the situation Everything said, no matter how much you prepare, each situation is unique and depends on many variables that are completely out of your control: emotions, feelings, moods, conflictive situations, competitive situations This is where the art begins. This is where the true negotiator is able to move around, to improvise, and to persuade. CHAPTER SIX: WHAT TYPE OF RELATIONSHIP DO YOU WANT? The type of relationship you will have with your counterpart will be settled in the first few minutes of the negotiation, and will be highly influenced be the possible cultural differences. [...]

[...] A way to avoid this possibility is to do small talk or to make the perimeter of the negotiation clear at the beginning. CHAPTER TWO: DO YOU KNOW YOUR INTERLOCUTORS? A negotiation takes place between two or more parties. Before being able to understand the other party, you must get to know them. The author makes it especially relevant for us to know their professional role and the possible limitations due to differences in culture/language. Professionally, we must know how they work; what competences they have, and which they lack; what role they play in their company and in the present decision-making process. [...]

[...] Le negotiators should also think of the future of the relationship. It is thus important to help the person in front of you to be also satisfied if you want him to help you next time. The negotiators should then go against the natural will to be egoist and show altruism. A win-win situation will be when a both sides have more that they would have had alone, even if they have less than they could have expected. Section one: previous thoughts Before negotiating, one must think of what, through which means, and with which arguments you are going to dialogue. [...]

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