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Nuclear risk perception in La Hague: An integration of sociological risk theories

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  1. Introduction.
  2. French policies aimed at affirmative action.
    1. The idea of bringing in affirmative action into French integration policies.
    2. The topic 'is there a French affirmative action policy?'
    3. Territorial discrimination for education.
    4. Easing access to employment for disadvantaged people.
    5. The policy 'la parite'.
  3. The absence of affirmative action programs aimed at ethnical minorities.
  4. The main criteria for affirmative action policies in France.
    1. Social and economic standards.
    2. Deficiency in nature, acknowledged by the whole society.
    3. Territorial discrimination and the importance of the environment.
  5. The differences between France and America with regards affirmative action.
  6. The word 'discrimination'.
  7. Conclusion.
  8. Bibliography.

Risk and uncertainty issues are especially distinct in the case of nuclear energy. Nuclear energy, as one of the symbols of the technological development of modern societies, is controversial in its nature. On the one hand, it was created to enable the unlimited production of energy, but on the other hand, nuclear energy creates a new kind of global risks to humanity and environment. The struggle over social priorities is revealed through the nuclear energy discourse that raises question, whether the criteria of economic rationality should be put forward the security imperative. In La Hague, the risk, uncertainty and rationality issues are revealed in nuclear power discourse about la COGEMA. The COGEMA La Hague site is a nuclear fuel reprocessing plant on the French Cotentin Peninsula that currently has nearly half of the world's light water reactor spent nuclear fuel reprocessing capacity.

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