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Protecting children in cyber space

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  1. Abstract
  2. Foreword
  3. Background
  4. Darker side of cyber space
  5. Recommendation for government of Pakistan
  6. Recommendation for PTA
  7. Role international law can play
  8. Youth counseling
  9. Parental guidelines
  10. Afterward
  11. References

Advent of any technology brings about positive and negative aspects with it. The negative aspects of cyberspace have diminished the social and cultural norms of societies. Cyber bullying, child abuse are part of them. The unchecked use of cyberspace can cause children fall into wrong ideologies and set of minds including terrorism, suicide bombers. Use of National identity cards can help to keep a check on the internet usage of youngsters. International law is to be made for an international access. A software can authorize the telephone operator learn the age of user. It is frailty of mind that results in any form of devastation or damage at any level. Consequently, the issue to protect children in cyberspace promulgates it all when an increased reliance on computer technology has also revealed its negative aspects within few decades.

[...] The number of people has shrunken in the play fields, gyms and in other sport activities. As a virus attacks software in side the central processing unit so has this technology attacked the health and healthy habits of youth! Standards are to be adjusted at various levels to cope this menace for once and for all. Recommendation for government of Pakistan Like every adult who has a unique identity number, the children getting registered through CRC should also be provided a PIN (personal identification number). [...]

[...] the darker side of cyber space comes into picture. Darker side of cyber space Child abuse is among the largest forms of devastation caused to a child while using internet. Many reports including that of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and University of New Hampshire conclude that every one child is asked for sexual solicitation in five while one in thirty are aggressively told for it. Being a best source to manipulate a child this medium has been used a lot. [...]

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