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The influential music of Puerto Rico

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  1. Introduction
  2. The 6 genres of music
  3. The reasons why music is remarkable
  4. Reggaeton
  5. Learning of salsa
  6. Influence of music
  7. Conclusion
  8. Bibliography

The music of Puerto Rico is more than a positive or negative influence, though it is more of a reflection of self, of emotion, and the lifestyles of the more poor than famous. This music, being partially responsible for the influences of the Spanish and as well as the American culture, has changed people all around the world. It has reached different parts of the world, from Puerto Rico to Panama, from Panama to Africa, and so on and so forth. By the music being of its essence, it intrigues the people all around the world by being their motivation in hard times, a use for comfort and relaxation, or being a role model to the youth.I, being Puerto Rican myself, have a strong knowledge of the music, because I was raised listening to Spanish music, in addition to Jamaican music but as of now that does not apply. Growing up in a rough background, my mother and I always used music as a relaxant, something to soothe us during hard times. The basis of this music was for understanding and redemption. The artists did more then just make music, but they also told stories of their lives, depending on the genre, the artists always had a story to tell. Whether it was of hard times, a lost love, or partying all night long, it was a way for them to express themselves without physical aggression. With this, it gave us the ability to relate, it gave us the ability as people to come together. Any two artists of any of these genres could hate each other to death, but knowing the music they make can impact others, brings them together.

[...] Although the actual basis of Spanish reggae originated in Panama, Puerto Rico edited and remade the music to become what it is today, and have gained the rights to be called the creators of Reggaeton. Over the years it has surfaced not only the Caribbean islands, but as well as the United States, mainly New York and Florida, but now worldwide. What makes the music so remarkable is how not only does the youth grab a hold of it, but as well as how they make attempts to be artists themselves and make their own social impact, whether it is among their peers or others. [...]

[...] This work can help me in many ways in the future depending on the situation or problem, because as said previously, music is my way of relaxation no matter what the issue is. I use it as a drug to keep me motivated and strong. I would say it's probably the only thing that can get my mind off of the life long difficulties and put me into mood of inner happiness and positivism. As a researcher, I would say I'm ok and I feel good about the information I gathered, but as a writer, id like to show self acknowledgement and appreciation to myself, especially to the fact that I have had a long history of writing, though very successful might I add. [...]

[...] I would have to say the best embarking breakthroughs that I have had was learning how my favorite artists impacted others, as well as Puerto Rico itself. Learning about Puerto Rico gave me such a strong pride, feeling so good to be of its culture, as well to be able to say I am Puerto Rican is a beautiful feeling. The time consumed actually revising my question was very nerve-racking. The most difficult part was thinking of how to actually pursue the thought of the music's influence and its positive and negative impacts on Spanish and American cultures. [...]

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