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The quality of life in London: A tale of two cities

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  1. Is London really a land of milk and honey?
  2. A city on the move.
    1. A booming economical development.
    2. A city of culture.
    3. The place to be if you are young, unmarried and without children.
  3. The bad aspects.
    1. A very expensive way of life.
    2. A struggle for work.
    3. A very polluted area.
  4. The new policies of London: The way to improvement?
    1. London 2012.
    2. London's toll.

London appears among the most popular cities in the world. It is a city on the move, where you can find everything you need. It is one of the places where fashion is created, where you can meet people of all origins and where the word ?Party? gets its real meaning. In there, one can find a job, become rich, have fun etc. Of course, all of that is true, but behind that, another reality is hidden. Everybody is not rich in London, and even wealthy people have to deal with major problems. When one realises that, an important question is raised: Is London really a land of milk and honey, as many people describe it? London's economical development is booming, and there are many pull factors for people there, but behind that, we can find many bad qualities. Actually, London is often regarded as an ideal place to be, but in reality, the quality of life in this town is ranked among the worst in Europe.

[...] There is no more exciting city in the world for shopping than London, the town is known for being the Mecca of shoppers. If the biggest shopping area is Oxford Street, it is far from being the more interesting. A few areas are specialised in different waves of fashion: for instance, Carnaby Street seems to be still in the 60s, Covent Garden is the symbol of the business spirit of the 80s, and many shops in King's road are a testimony of the punk movement. [...]

[...] Another reason why the unemployment rate is very low in London is the high number of part time jobs and insecure jobs. Most of the jobs which are created today are like that. Actually, most people who have a part time job didn't have the choice and would rather have a full time job. Alongside the wealth of the City can be found some of the poorest and most deprived areas in the UK. Unemployment for some groups can be over twice that for the region as a whole. [...]

[...] London's blueprint for the Games contains a number of specific initiatives to achieve a sustainable legacy which improves the environment, health and quality of life for local communities. These include: *Investment in public transport, sustainable design and best practice in construction to make London 2012 a low carbon Games *Hosting a zero-waste Games by avoiding landfill and using waste as a resource for recycling and re-use *Conserving biodiversity through the regeneration of the Lower Lea Valley creating the largest new urban park in Europe for more than 150 years and bringing people closer to nature *Creating partnerships with community groups, environmental experts and stakeholders to deliver a One Planet Olympics London's toll Since 17 February 2003, the central London congestion charging is paid by people who want to drive in central London. [...]

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