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Express in writing the subject of his thought is a complex process and is highly demanding. The drafting of a work, whatever its type, requires great concentration and a suitable method. Drafting a good business analysis takes a rigorous effort. Lack of a proper method is the biggest flaw in the process of drafting a business analysis. has over 5500 documents which include topics on business analysis as well, which are reviewed by an expert committee to meet the quality standards! The following are some tips which will be useful while drafting a business analysis. Please use our search engine to find the document you need!

How to write a business analysis

As a business analyst, you will be analyzing business problems, practices, or processes and presenting your solutions, recommendations, or proposals. You will be looking at information related to the activities, revenue, turnover, sales, market share, and competitive edge of the company (business organization) so that you can understand the environment in which the business is operating. Some of the points that you might consider while analyzing a business and writing the business analysis are:

  • The nature of the business problem, practice, or process
  • The relevance of the problem, practice, or process to the business
  • Past performance of the company
  • Analysis through trends, market, SWOT , and PEST
  • Evaluation of the company's workforce
  • Financial structure and operational leverage of the company
  • Business strategy of the company
  • Suggestions, recommendations, and conclusion

Create tangible value!

The business analysis should be seen by your audience as one that creates value for them. Therefore, focus on the following value-adds: give solutions, reduce wastes, cut costs, meet deadlines, improve revenues and satisfy customers.

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